Missions Statement

Founded in 2009 by Stephen and Laura Holt, Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, Inc. (GTFBM) is in the beginning phase of a long-term project. Our objective is to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ to the native people of Sierra Leone as well as the larger region of West Africa.

There is currently a wide gulf between Biblical Christianity and the beliefs and cultural norms of West Africa, and it is going to take time to bridge that gulf. The legal and financial structure of GTFBM was set up from the very beginning with the understanding that Stephen and Laura are there to prepare the ground and plant the seeds of The Gospel. In time, others will take their place to tend that ground, and Gather The Fragments will be there to support the work.

The Mission structure and belief is that churches should be self supporting, self governing, and established by indigenous pastors; our focus is not that of direct “church planting” but rather equipping locals to plant, pastor, and propagate churches by providing the training and materials necessary for them to be successful.  

Additionally, based on experience we recognize that proper evangelism methods and personal discipleship are sadly lacking in West Africa.  These two areas are  a main focus in the GTF Bible Institute as we seek to equip indigenous Christians to reach their own.

GTFBM also holds to the belief that the Mission should not be encumbered by debt making purchases and advancements only as the Lord provides funds.  Nor does GTFBM engage in fund raising making our needs known only to the Lord and waiting for Him to provide as He sees fit.

If you would like more information about Gather The Fragments Bible Mission, or are interested in visiting the Mission Station please contact us.

  • Phone Number (WhatsApp)


    This is a US phone number set up to connect directly to Stephen’s African phone number. Texting is preferred but please keep in mind that many times Stephen is without coverage.  It may take a few days for him to respond to your text.