Stephen & Laura Holt | Sierra Leone, West Africa

Until the Shadows Flee Away

Pot of Gold

“There is a pot of gold, a king’s reward, but it comes at the end of the journey” – Jim Elliot

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The Mango Tree

In His infinite wisdom God set me in Baomahun, Sierra Leone, West Africa. He is much wiser than I for had I chosen it would not have been here . . .

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True Fire

In the evening when, a woman begins to prepare her family’s meal, a child is sent to beg a coal from the fire which is already burning under her neighbor’s pot. The smallest crumb of glowing ember will suffice to ignite the flame with which to cook their supper.

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Hard Lessons

I have witnessed this scene a hundred times over; people completely devoid of compassion for their own. Young or old, it matters not; it is a cruel and comfortless culture.

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Who Is Your Master?

In the hands of the wrong master, all the potential of an otherwise good dog is completely lost. The dogs in Sierra Leone are most miserable creatures because they have the wrong master.

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Wings of Faith

Having a small crisis of faith, I picked up my Bible and headed out to the veranda. “Lord, I really need to hear from you, please speak to me,” was the prayer of my heart . . . All she needed was a little confidence, some loving reassurance, that she is well equipped to soar the heights

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