Good Wine

Preface: One morning I was sitting on our veranda looking out over the beautiful Kangari Hills, drinking in the very incredibleness of being in Sierra Leone, the unlikeness.  Our ages alone would suggest otherwise.  After 28 years of marriage, we started our West African adventure when Stephen was 56 and I was 47.  But here we were and these thoughts came to my mind.

Date of original journal entry:  January 7, 2011

John 2:10 Thou has kept the good wine until now 

As I sit meditating this morning on the sweetness and fullness of my cup, I am made to think that the Bridegroom has kept the best wine for these later years of my life.  In man’s efforts the best is set forth at the beginning only to be devoured by the corruption of the flesh, old age, bitterness, and death.

But truly, he has kept the good wine of my life until now, pure and sweet in its freshness. The hardships and discouragements, the frustrations, and failures, the trials and testing, work together to make his wine all the sweeter and more refreshing.  They draw me to lean on the Bridegroom’s breast in a love which cannot cease, reminding me that I am his and he is mine.  

Thank you Father for knowing when to give your best.  Please help me to now give back my best for your use and pleasure.

A minuscule sampling of the Good Wine our beloved Bridegroom has given can be seen in the photos below.  Drink them in and enjoy them with me.

A full church house!

A new friend, the African pygmy kingfisher, perched on the branch of a mango tree I started from seed.

Another baby dedication at church, sweet blessings.

Pastor Alfred Menjor preaching while using my own illustrations to help make his point.

New beauty to enjoy in our garden.

New places to evangelize, new people to meet in our new country.

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