Beyond the Horizon

“And Jesus answered and said unto him, What wilt thou that I should do unto thee? The blind man said unto him, Lord, that I might receive my sight.” (Mark 10:51)

In July 2014, when we first made the decision for my return to the States, Stephen and I thought I would be returning in about six months.  But we quickly realized that it would be longer; we just didn’t know how long and it has now stretched into 13 months.  As the time of my separation from Stephen and our field of service continued to lengthen and with no apparent resolution in sight, I admit that I have at times been discouraged and even confused.  But I also readily confess that I can see how the Lord is using this time for our good and His glory.  Through this trial I have learned to so fully trust our Great Savior.  I’ve learned how to surrender all of my all to Him including daily surrender of Stephen to the Lord’s care that “Christ shall be magnified in [his] body, whether it be by life, or by death,” (Philippians 1:20).  I’ve learned how to walk confidently and securely, resting in God alone.   These and many other personal lessons too numerable to expound, are the fruit of allowing patience to have her perfect work (James 1:4).

So when things become confusing or distressing or uncertain, I cry out with the blind man, “‘Lord, that I might receive my sight,’ help me see with heart vision the lessons you design for my growth.”  Scripture is, of course, my main source of spiritual strength as are hymns and spiritual songs but I’ve also received much help and encouragement from those who have trod the path before and now call back to encourage me on my way.  Below is a small sampling of the many quotes which have been a tremendous help to me; I have them scattered throughout my journals so I can visit them often.  I pray that they might be a blessing to you as well.


Horizon at Sunset: Fishermen off John Obay Beach

“Our eyesight has limits. The horizontal line formed by the ocean against the sky is not really a line; it’s the limit of how far our eyes can see. In life, we also have limited vision. In order to have an expanded ability to see, we need the Lord.  He has no limits to His sight. God sees beyond the horizon of our circumstances. Trust Him.”  Unknown

“When my schoolroom is darkened, I see the most.”  Charles Spurgeon

“Never be afraid to trust an unknown future to a known God.”  Corrie Ten Boom

“No one ever loses by what he sacrifices to the Father.”  F. B. Meyer

“The ideal of a consecrated life is a life with no reserves – which seeks for nothing, understands nothing, cares for nothing but to be poured forth upon the sacrifice of service.”   Amy Carmichael

“With such a Captain, who never lost a battle, or deserted a soldier in distress, or failed to get through the needed supplies, who would not accept the challenge to go forward bearing precious seed.”  John Stam

“Measure thy life by loss and not by gain; not by wine drunk but by wine poured forth.  For love’s strength standeth in love’s sacrifice, and he who suffers most, has most to give.”  Lilias Trotter

“But risk we must because the greatest hazard in life is to risk nothing.”  Unknown

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