Stephen & Laura Holt | Sierra Leone, West Africa

Meditations from the Morning Watch

Out of Egypt

Today’s lesson is painful . . . With frustration and disgust abounding this morning – even in my first waking thoughts – I was stewing and storming about the house as I attended to my morning chores . . . It’s startling when the heart is revealed.

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Stars of the Morning

I have been up since 3:30 this morning unwillingly forced to listen to the drunken reveling of men who love darkness. The early, pre-dawn sky was clear and the stars shone brightly . . .

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Laura, doest thou well?

The hills were cloaked in the morning mists of the early rainy season; so lovely to look at but also indicative of the condition of my heart.  I had just finished reading the book of Jonah and while sitting on the veranda in quiet meditation, my eyes fell on a solitary crow perched on a…

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Behold the days come

Ah, the morning chores are completed – laundry washed and on the solar dryer [clothesline], prep for our evening meal finished, chickens are tended [all 200 of them], perpetually sandy floor is swept yet again, a little garden work done . . .  I feel tired just listing it all and it’s barely 9 o’clock. …

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Refined Gold

Take courage heart, it’s only for a season. I have been quite blessed this early morning by First Peter chapter one. How grand is the description in verses 1-5: Elect, begotten, lively, undefiled, reserved in Heaven, kept by his power. Verse 6 says we rejoice in these and that greatly. But then the tone shifts;…

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