He Saw

A blessed reading this morning.  I always marvel that the Creator of the universe should care enough about speck-of-dust me that he desires to mold and make me after His image.

John 9:1  And as Jesus passed by, he saw a man which was blind from his birth.


A blind man being led on a stick through Waterloo market by his son.

On the surface this seems like a fairly plain verse but it packed a punch this morning when looking at it in sections.

And as Jesus passed by – Jesus wasn’t idle; he was out and busy with the doing of his Father’s work.

He saw – Jesus was observant.  He didn’t just have tunnel vision.  He didn’t hastily pass by and keep going with the hurried thought, “Oh, I need to get to my next preaching engagement,” or “I’m going to be late at the next synagogue on my list.”  No, in his busyness, Jesus saw.

A man – This was merely the first engagement; it states the obvious that anyone would see.  But it’s only surface level.  Jesus’ seeing could have ended here as all to often it does for me.

Which was blind – Perhaps in my haste that detail might escape my attention.  What do I notice about peoples’ needs?  Jesus saw with eyes that showed this man’s immediate and most desperate need.


Taking time to hear this woman’s story and see her need

From his birth – This is deeper knowledge of one whom I might just see as a man.  Perhaps I might even notice that he’s blind.  But do I know his story?  The throngs of vacant eyes – spiritual blindness – that I pass every day have a story.  They each have a need.  Do I see them with the heart vision Jesus possessed?  Do I take the time from my haste and perceived busyness to know their story and minister to their pressing need?

He saw.  That is the key phrase in this small verse.  Lord, am I blind also? (verse 40)  Please help me to see with your heart sight.

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