Refined Gold

Take courage heart, it’s only for a season. I have been quite blessed this early morning by First Peter chapter one. How grand is the description in verses 1-5: Elect, begotten, lively, undefiled, reserved in Heaven, kept by his power. Verse 6 says we rejoice in these and that greatly. But then the tone shifts; the pivotal words being “though now”. The things we rejoice in are real – though now we’re in heaviness through temptations. The things of eternity thrill our hearts – though now we have our faith placed in the fires of trials. But it’s only for a season. In verse 7 the trial of our faith is compared to precious gold but the gold is found lacking, less precious than the faith.

We live in a gold mining town and I have learned that there are different methods of extracting gold from the gravel. These methods result in a different end product, one of which is more valuable than the other. It’s the same gold which comes from the same gravel but its the refining process which makes the difference. I want my faith to be pure, and enduring; of the highest quality. Today I’m reminded that it’s only a season I am in heaviness as the trials and temptations of life do their work of refining my faith, the glory of which will be revealed in eternity.


The tedious process of artisan gold mining

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